Friday, 6 May 2011

Portland Pirates Cover Design

Met today with Julie from Roving Press, who's editing Portland Pirates at the moment, and Domini Deane, Bournemouth artist who's producing the artwork. We talked about the colour scheme for the cover, which characters will appear, and how they will be represented. Domini already has sketches for the front and back covers, and produces the final artwork in watercolour, beginning with a colour wash for the background and building up the picture in layers of colour. I love the way she captures personality in the expressions of the characters. Portland Pirates is the Summer book of the series (The Portland Sea Dragon is winter, the Enchantment of the Black Dog is spring), so we are concentrating on vivid summer colours this time. We also worked on the map of Portland. Each book has a slightly different 'take' on the map. This one will feature a rock climber and some older place names featured in the story.

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