Thursday, 25 February 2010

Echo interview

I had my first interview yesterday with the Dorset Echo, which was exciting and hopefully will be in the paper this week. In The Portland Sea Dragon I refer to the fascinating story from the Echo about the recent discovery of pliosaur remains just along the coast from Portland. Quite a coincidence that a sea monster is discovered at the same time that I am writing about one!

The reporter asked about how I researched the book and why I wrote it in the first place. I've researched so much local history, it's hard to say exactly what was significant to the book and what remained as background interest. Reading about how women lived in the seventeenth century was very useful. I enjoyed finding out about the idea of witches and what that might mean to someone who has been called the Island Witch, my character Agnes Maydew. I also read up on the history of smuggling in Dorset, to give Joseph Groves an authentic background. I forgot to say that I also researched Gregor by visiting my parents' dog. This did not involve any reading - just throwing a squeaky duck and feeding biscuits.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My New Book

Three weeks from now my first book, The Portland Sea Dragon will be published by Roving Press. We have the first copies of the book here and it looks amazing! Domini Deane's artwork captures the spirit of the book and of Portland - I love the details she has included - the pair of eyes under the mermaid's rock! I wonder what it is... Is it a lobster, a bug-eyed fish, or a crab?

There is a lot to organise with the book launch on Sunday 21 March. I am still trying to decide whether to dress as a dragon or not. Some people say I look like one anyway...